• December 29, 2015
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About Us

Dee and Andy Page

Dee and Andy Page

The co-founders and owners are Dee Page and Andy Page, a couple who has been around and know this business and a lot more.

They have three businesses set up:

  • Page Firearms Training, LLC – based in Tahlequah, OK, but training classes can be conducted in a variety of locations.
  • Bub’s Survival Boutique – their physical store in Tahlequah, OK, selling gear for hiking, camping, hunting, and survival during life-threatening situations.
  • BAM Holsters – their original designs, all produced by them.

About Dee Page

I am the oldest of 3 girls. I was the one outside with my Dad most of the time. I enjoyed getting under cars and working on them. Ok, well maybe I was just liked smearing grease and grime on myself. My family did almost everything together except for hunting. I was never allowed to go hunting with the guys and once I was older I understood why – it takes proper training! However, I did shoot with both my mom and dad, and I remember the first time being when I was about 6 years old. We never wore hearing protection back then, but today I never go without it while shooting.

As I grew up and started a family, there wasn’t much time for shooting. After raising my family, I finally got back to guns and started by getting my conceal carry license with my husband, Andy. He encouraged me to find a handgun I would like and be able to use. I did that but I just didn’t feel like I knew enough to feel comfortable carrying it around with me. After some time I found an all-women shooting chapter site on the internet, but there was nothing in my area. So, after looking into all of the information, I decided to start a chapter. Wow, what a rush! I never thought there would be so many ladies eager to learn.

I took my NRA Instructors Certification class and have been moving forward ever since, obtaining several certifications as shown below. I have been holding classes for over three years now.

My husband, Andy, and I own PAGE FIREARMS TRAINING, LLC, and teach Oklahoma Self Defense Act classes as well as NRA courses. We teach anyone ages 12 and up and enjoy meeting and hearing so many stories of why our students want to learn to handle and carry a firearm. Our youth shooting group started in the Fall of 2014. I am the Armed Lady Chapter Leader for both the Muskogee, OK, and the Green Country, OK, chapters as well as the Region 5 Leader for Armed Lady, supporting the state leaders in my region.

About Andy

I was born in Calif. I had two uncles that took the time to teach me to hunt and shoot. They were a big part of my growing up time in Muskogee, Oklahoma. My family was close and we did a lot of things outside from panning for gold to fishing and hinting. I was the typical big brother and was very protective of my “little sister”. Dee and I enjoy working with new shooters and training our teenage grandkids to shoot in a safe environment. Let us help you too.

Let us help you overcome your fear of firearms. Let us help you feel more comfortable with protecting your family. Let us help you shop for the right gun for you.


NRA Training Counselor
Basic Pistol

Basic Shotgun
Basic Rifle
Personal Protection In The Home
Chief Range Safety Officer
Refuse To Be A Victim
Home Firearm Safety

NRA Life And Endowment Member
USSF Member
National Wild Turkey Federation Member

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