• January 12, 2016
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Airsoft Products & Training

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Page Firearms Training, LLC, is happy to make available to our customers one of the best training tools for those who have never handled a pistol and for those who just want some practice time with spending on ammo. Our Air Shot guns and facility provide whichever experience you want. The pistols give a very real feel, including a bit of recoil. They are definitely not those BB guns you played with as kids, although with adult supervision your child could use these guns.

You can also purchase some Airsoft firearms in Bub’s Survival Boutique (same location). Full line of Airsoft rifles, pistols, masks, tactical gear are now available, and don’t forget the rest of our great lineup – something for everyone interested in firearms, safety, survival, and more.

Stop by and we’ll be happy to show you what’s available.

If you decide you want an Airsoft pistol or rifle of your own, we can help you find just the right one and get you a great price on it by ordering through our store.

Why Airsoft?

In a word: training. Actually, three words: training, training, training. You can never have too much when it comes to being safe and competent with your firearm. But we realize you don’t always have time to drive to a range and, considering how far the nearest one is, we consider providing this facility almost a public service. Nothing is more true-to-a-real-gun experience than this. Even police departments and the military use this adult version of that kid’s toy as part of their firearm training. Also, we, along with many top gun instructors, encourage our students to include Airsoft training in addition to live fire and dry fire training.

Airsoft Parties

These realistic firearms are showing up in shooting matches that used to feature paintball, in facilities like ours where you and your friends can gather and compete in target shooting, and even for some training that is more oriented to hardy fun.

About Gas-powered Airsoft Pistols

Our Airsoft pistols are gas-powered. We’ll show you how it all works in a private or group setting. These style of Airsoft guns are more pricey than others, but we think that for firearm training, they provide a much more realistic experience.

The gas not only propels the pellet but also provides a recoil-like blowback to give you a more real-gun experience. The trigger action can be a bit different, however, depending on the pistol model. Some don’t have the slack you might be used to in your “real” version.

Airsoft Pellets

Airsoft pellets - Hard yet safe.

Hard yet safe.

Pellet Magazine

Pellets loaded in magazine

Airsoft pellets are made of a hard plastic and measure 6mm in diameter. Getting hit with one on bare skin can sting and leave a red welt. Using eye protection and shooting only at the targets we supply is recommended. Low quality pellets can shatter when firing, causing irreparable damage inside the gun, so we only use the best. No seams, bubbles, dimpling, or roughness on the surface. They get loaded into a magazine, as shown here.

Other Styles of Airsoft Guns

Airsoft M4A1 Carbine Metal Gearbox AEG Rifle:

So real looking they need an orange tip!

So real looking they need an orange tip!

  • Spring action – An affordable version, compared to the other styles. To fire the gun, you pull the spring back with a lever until it locks in place, then pull the trigger so the spring releases and pushes a piston forward in an enclosed cylinder in the gun. The piston pushes air out at a high speed, causing the BB to fire out of the barrel. These are not our first recommendation, since they have a slow rate of fire, require you to pull back and cock the spring after each shot, and the quality is less real-gun and more toy-gun feeling with plastic parts.
  • Automatic Electric Guns (AEGs) – Better for tactical training. AEGs have a rechargeable battery; it powers a small motor that turns gears inside the gun, pulling back and releasing a piston. This causes a blast of air that propels the pellet. Most AEGs are rifles and machine guns, but there are some pistols available. Higher-end rifles, like the ones we carry, are more real-gun and definitely not toy-good in their look and feel. A great practice gun, used by police and military for life-like training. The only drawback we see is the trigger action where you are in essence flipping a switch versus feel that “wall” like you would with a real gun.