• December 30, 2015
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BAM Holsters

BAM Holsters is an original product designed and manufactured by us.

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Now in local gun shops in our spiffy retail packaging!

BAM Holsters in their NEW retail packaging

BAM Holsters in their NEW retail packaging

Our BAM Holsters are powerful magnets that can hold your firearm in place for easy access in a life-threatening situation yet are easy for your firearm to be detached from (just give it a bit of a twist). These essential gun accessories are our own design and manufacture.

Styles (so far):

Magnum Mount  BuyNowBtn

Designed for revolvers to attach to the cylinder, but will work with any pistol as well. This mount is much stronger than the Accessory Mount and is perfect for vehicle use.

Also available in a double package. BuyNowBtn

Long Rifle Mount BuyNowBtn

A recent addition to the growing BAM Holsters line of products. The Long Rifle Mount holds any rifle or shotgun easily by attaching to the barrel with incredibly strong magnets. Also works very well with pistols by attaching to the slide, great for use in your vehicle!

Accessory Mount BuyNowBtn

Will hold most small pistols and ammo in a home or office setting. Rubber coated so it will not scratch your weapon. Easily screws into any surface that you can drill into. Works with most small pistols and ammo. Dimensions: 7.5″L x 1″W

Also comes in a package of 3 mounts. BuyNowBtn


The Home Protection Package BuyNowBtn

1 each of the Magnum Mount and Long Rifle Mount, plus 3 Accessory Mounts, all in a convenient package.

The Collection BuyNowBtn

1 each of the Magnum Mount, Accessory Mount, and Long Rifle Mount in a convenient package.

Guns and ammo shown in photos not included in sale.

Features on Each BAM Holster:

  • Pistol/ammo easily comes off with a twist and pull motion.
  • Rubber coated, won’t scratch your weapon.
  • Easily screws into any drillable surface.
  • Available without the screw holes to allow you to use a strong glue (we recommend Rhino Glue) to secure them to a surface.


Email us for information on how to receive a military or law enforcement discount.