• December 30, 2015
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Camping, Hiking, & Survival Gear

With a name like “Bub’s Survival Boutique,” you know that we have plenty of items on hand that will see you through even the toughest situation or for just when you want to enjoy a bit of the great outdoors.

CAMMO! Just a few examples of our stock:


IN STORE AMMO SPECIAL!!! 338 Lapua Magnum. From Nammo Tactical. 250 gr. $75 per box of 20.


Our Camping, Hiking, and Survival products are great for hiking, camping, or in a life-threatening situation. Power outages can have you feeling helpless, but a camp stove, kerosene lantern, medical kit, and survival food can restore your sense of order and rightness in the world.  And proper clothing and other gear really help. We try to stock items that you’ll need, but feel free to contact us if we’ve missed something, and we’ll do our best to locate it for you at the best price possible.

See also our lineup of emergency foods and water fresheners.

Plus we carry lanterns, camp stoves, and other items for the well-appointed camper or survivalist: