• December 29, 2015
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How to Choose a Concealed Carry Gun Purse



Concealed carry purses are a type of handbag designed for women to carry all of the usual items (wallets, makeup, tissues, keys, etc.) with the addition of a special place to hold a concealed handgun. Selecting the right one for you can be a bit daunting, but just take it item by item.

Item 1 – Style

When choosing a concealed carry purse, start with one that suits your own personal sense of fashion. These purses come in many different styles, colors, sizes, and materials – many are the same as regular purses. They can be casual or formal, large or small. Genuine leather is best with a cushioned gun holster area.

Item 2 – Fit & Security

Your concealed carry purse should have a holster area, separate from other items in your purse, that is the right fit for your gun. It also needs to meet the requirements for carrying your weapon securely.

Item 3 – Accessibility

Separate holster

Separate holster

Being able to access your concealed weapon when you are in a life-threatening situation is essential. Carrying your firearm in a way that you can’t access defeats the purpose. So your concealed carry purse should hold your gun where it is easy for you to get to when you need it. A zippered compartment will usually keep the weapon hidden, prevent someone else from reaching in and grabbing it, and still provide instant access. Check for well-made, easy-to-use zippers that won’t jam up just when you need them.

Item 4 – Accessories

In addition to holding your gun safely and securely, a good concealed carry purse will have space for any necessary accessories, such as extra bullets and magazines.

Item 5 – Construction

Your concealed carry purse should be top-quality in materials and workmanship – no zippers jamming or stitches coming apart. Carrying straps should be well-sewn and sturdy, to make it harder for anyone to grab the bag and run with it or to cut the strap. Long straps that fit over your shoulder also help you hang onto your bag by always keeping it close to you are a wise option. A snug wrist strap is also good.