If you own a gun, then you need to know the basic safety rules. These rules apply at all times, every time you handle a gun. It does not matter where you are, whether you are alone, or what you are planning to do with the gun, follow these three basic rules. The good thing about these basic gun safety rules is that they are quite simple even for a youngster to understand. They offer a foolproof safety system that works for people living with guns as defensive tools.

gun safety classes on a range

All firearms are loaded!

In this case, you need to treat any gun you come across with the same respect as you would give a loaded one. Even if you have checked three times that your firearm is unloaded, you should still not do anything with it that you would have done with a loaded weapon. This is the first basic rule, and all other rules are derived from it. When you follow this rule, all other safety rules will follow. It is unfortunate that some people treat their unloaded guns as toys.

Do Not Aim At Something You Do not Want to Destroy

It does not matter what you are doing with the gun – whether unloading it, showing it to a friend, or cleaning it – you should never point it to anything that you do not want to destroy. This means you should pay attention to the direction of the muzzle at all times you are handling the gun. Even when picking it up or putting it down, always monitor where the muzzle is pointing.

Keep Your Fingers Off the Trigger

Putting the finger on the trigger should be a massive decision to make. If you are hunting, you should put the finger on the trigger when your target is on sight. If you have to point the gun or put the finger on the trigger, there must be an adequate backstop.

Gun safety rules range from beginner to expert shooters, and depending on the firearm and it’s tendencies. But these 3 basic rules cover every shooter, every time.