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If you own a firearm, there is a need to focus on responsible handling, safety, and storage. You need to ensure that you are taking the right precautions with the guns in your home. The truth is that almost all gun accidents that occur at homes can be prevented if the owners take proper storage and simple precautions as means of avoiding accidents. If you own a gun, you should be knowledgeable in firearm safety to secure it and respect it even when not in use. In this way, you can prevent gun misuse and accidents. The following are some tips you should know:

Unload Your Firearm

Your gun should be unloaded whenever not in use. Also, when picking it up, whether returning it to or removing it from storage, ensure you point it in the right direction and should be unloaded.

Know Your Firearm

It is necessary to know how the firearm you own operates. Thus, you should take your time to read the manual on how to open and close it. In addition, you should know how to remove the ammunition and the magazine from the gun safely.

Store in a Gun Safe

It is advisable to store the guns in a locked cabinet, storage case, gun vault, or safe whenever not in use. This ensures they are inaccessible to the children. Moreover, they cannot be handled by another person without your consent. Another tip is to store ammunition in a different locker from the firearm.

Use Gun Locking Device

The good thing about a gun locking device is that it renders your firearm inoperable whenever not in use. However, this device should be used as an extra safety measure and not an alternative for secure storage.

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