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Knives, Self-Defense & Apparel

Bub’s Survival Boutique stocks an assortment of knives and self-defense items, such as the throwing spider, that are great for meeting life-threatening situations but are also handy when out hiking, hunting, or camping.

At Bub’s Survival Boutique we cater to both men and women. We have some dresses still in stock. But our focus is on apparel for when you are bugging out during an emergency or just spending time communing with nature. Our boonie hats keep off rain and blistering sun. Our camo T-shirts are great when hunting or just around the house or at work. We even carry rain ponchos, bandanas (great to use as a quick face mask if a sudden dust storm kicks up), and biker leathers such as vests and chaps.

Flags & Military Emblems

We carry an array of flags including the ones shown below. And we have new flags coming in fairly regularly. If you don’t see the design you want, please contact us. We also caught sight of some patches sporting military emblems and other designs you are sure to appreciate.

Some of our selection:


We also carry some novelty items. What’s life without a bit of humor and even an oddity or two? Pretty dull, you say? We agree. So here are a few items that caught our eye and tickled our funny bone. Plus some items that we take pretty seriously, such as honoring our vets.

Some of our selection:

Confederate Items

The rebel flag symbolizes different things to different people. Whatever it means to you, we have a selection of items from which to choose. See them all at our store.
Some of our selection:

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Due to the recent controversy over the confederate flag, many retailers have discontinued selling products that display this symbol. We sell these items in the context of being historical collectibles, which many people collect without attaching any political significance to them. Some people find this symbol to be offensive, and other people consider it a part of their heritage. We take no stand and express no opinion on the meaning of this symbol, and as stated above we sell these items only as a part of history, the same as we sell items from the Revolutionary War period or the Old West. In our opinion, in the spirit of freedom of speech and expression guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution, anyone should have the right to purchase a legal product, therefore we will continue to sell these items as long as we are able to obtain them.