Outdoor / Survival Products

Backpacks & Wallets:

Bub’s Survival Boutique has your hiking and camping needs in mind. Our backpacks include ones that are MOLLE (Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment) compatible, military surplus, and more. You will be able to carry along all you need in comfort and keep it protected from the elements. These also make great bug-out-bags for you to grab in emergency and life-threatening situations. We also carry smaller packs for those short excursions out into nature.

Camping, Hiking, & Survival Gear:

With a name like “Bub’s Survival Boutique,” you know that we have plenty of items on hand that will see you through even the toughest situation or for just when you want to enjoy a bit of the great outdoors.

CAMMO! Just a few examples of our stock: