You have several reasons to keep and bear arms. Some people may argue that you have no reason to keep arms. Even though this is one of the oldest debates in our country, the truth is that being armed is what makes Americans some of the freest people in the world. This is because being armed puts responsibility for your protection at your own hands. In any case, you do not want to rely on others to always keep you safe. Here are some of the reasons we came up with to keep and bear arms.

Preserve Your Own Life

If we have adequate police or security personnel to ensure that response times are instantaneous, then there wouldn’t as many reasons for the ordinary citizens to carry arms. In an ideal world, a person would not try to hurt another or rob or steal from anyone. In a perfect world, “you should do unto others what you would want them to do to you.” This is what is in every religion, philosophy, and moral code yet devised by all.

As you know, we are not in an ideal world. In fact, there are some evil people out there that can harm you. They want to rob, steal, and also commit various crimes against fellow human beings. Also, there are not enough police and security to go around. In some instances, help is far away to help in case something happens.

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An Important Right

The constitutional amendments establish this as a right that cannot be revoked unless a court of law convicts a person. Therefore, as an American, you have a right to responsibly own a firearm and get firearm safety training. Thus, you need to cherish this particular right. Some people use guns as a means for self-defense. You can also use it to get dinner since hunting is part of the traditional American way of life.

Sports shooting also has many participants and a long history across the globe and in olympic events. Thus, owning a weapon can be used for food gathering, recreation, and as protection.

Responsible Gun Ownership Can Prevent Crime

It has been proven numerous times that an armed citizen can and often does prevent awful crimes and deter criminals. Most criminals will not target areas or groups if there are known legal gun carriers.

So get involved, get educated and make a wise decision for your family, it’s our right.